Bunk bed

Bunk bed Young Urban

Design by Espace Loggia

Two beds with a mezzanine/bunk configuration.

With this configuration of bunk bed, you benefit from two beds that adapat completely to your space.

Profit from more comfort and space in your bedroom or in that of your children. Stronger and more durable that the traditional bunk bed, this bed can be completed with a stair built with our brick system and/or a desk.

Over time, you may decide to replace the bed below with an Espace Loggia desk.

Ideal for a bedroom for two children. A perfect solution to save space.


Bed size :

  • Width : 90, 120, 140
  • Length : 190

Total height : 200

Deck height: 158

Height under mezzanine : 148

  • Solid pine and solid oak
  • Deck in MDF (medium)
  • Safety kit in pine, bamboo or oak
  • Pine : 20 shades
  • Oak : 3 shades
  • MDF : 20 shades
  • Bamboo : Natural

Personalise your Bunk bed Young Urban

Disponibles dans un large choix de coloris, matériaux et finitions,
tous nos modèles sont fabriqués à la commande, dans les dimensions de votre choix.

Design your Bunk bed Young Urban

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