In the dynamic world of interior design, space-saving furniture such as mezzanines and slide-aways beds are proving to be an ingenious solution for families. This article explores the importance of choosing age-appropriate furnishings, a crucial consideration for parents of young children. With this in mind, we’ll look at how these furnishings can not only maximize the space available, but also evolve with the changing needs of the family, ensuring safety, comfort and a stimulating environment for the little ones. Which furnishings to choose according to age?

The advantages of space-saving furniture for families :

Space-saving furniture, such as slide-aways beds and mezzanines, are a godsend for families, especially those living in confined spaces. They offer a practical solution for maximizing space, essential in children’s rooms that are often small and cluttered with toys. These smart pieces of furniture free up floor space, creating a more open and versatile environment for playing and learning. What’s more, they can help instill early organization and discipline in children, teaching them to manage and maintain their personal space effectively. This is particularly useful in families with several children, or blended families, where space is often a source of concern. By choosing the right furniture, parents can not only optimize their home for their children’s current needs, but also prepare a flexible framework for the future.

Children's bedroom with mezzanine bed, podium bed and Brick It staircase
Mezzanine Modulable Bunk bed
Children's bedroom with Diptyque retractable bed in night version
2-bed Diptyque bed

Choose according to the child’s age:

When it comes to designing a child’s living space, it’s essential to take their age into account. For toddlers, safety is paramount. For mezzanines, for example, we recommend a minimum age of 6 before sleeping at height. Retractable beds, for example, must be easy to access and secure to prevent accidents. As children grow, furniture must evolve to meet their changing needs.

For younger children:

Consider a mid-height mezzanine, like our Mod-Kid, to create a cabin under your child’s bed, without the sleeping height being too great. This also means you’ll be at the right height for bedtime stories or the last cuddle of the night. As this mezzanine model is scalable, you can increase the height of the structure, and eventually install a bench or desk below the sleeping area. For younger children, use stable staircases like our Brick staircase, the traditional staircase or ladders adapted to their size.

Brick It staircase
Brick staircase
Small traditional staircase in rough-cut pine
Traditional staircase
Lightweight ladder in rough-cut pine
Lightweight ladder
For school-age children,

furniture should encourage independence and organization. Built-in desks and accessible shelves under raised beds can encourage good study and storage habits. A reading corner with a bench seat can also welcome a friend for a sleepover. And let’s not forget the storage cupboard, which often finds it hard to fit into small spaces. Retractable beds with built-in desks or play areas are also an excellent option for this age group, allowing multi-functional use of the space.

Room for two children with two fold-away beds, one in the night position
DKle with bench seat and desk

It’s also important to consider the child’s preferences and personality. Allowing children to create a stimulating and fun room can help them feel more invested in their personal space, fostering an environment conducive to personal growth and development.

Examples of space-saving furniture

Examples of space-saving furniture suitable for young children abound, each designed to maximize space while offering safety and comfort. Mezzanines, for example, are perfect for bedrooms, offering a bed above and a space below that can be set up as a play, reading or study area. Our Jeune Urbaine and Modulable mezzanines are equipped with age-appropriate safety barriers, ensuring a safe environment.

Jeune urbaine single loft bed in rough-cut pine
Modulable loft bed with desk

Retractable beds are another ingenious option. They can be transformed into desks or play areas during the day, freeing up floor space for other activities. Some models are even designed with built-in storage compartments called stand-up units, ideal for storing toys and school supplies, helping to keep the bedroom tidy.

Living room with fold-away bed and fold-away desk

For families living in particularly tight spaces, solutions such as folding tables, like our Cena table, and wall-mounted shelving can also be considered. These options keep the children’s room organized and functional, while leaving plenty of space for play and development. Choosing the right type of furniture can create a space that grows and evolves with the child, offering a long-term solution for the family’s needs.

Seaside house with DKle fold-away bed and Cena table

Safety and layout tips

Safety is a major concern when designing a nursery with space-saving furniture. It’s crucial to choose furniture designed with sturdy, non-toxic materials, such as our Landes maritime pine, and to ensure that all elements, such as bunk beds or foldaway beds, are securely fastened to avoid any risk of tipping or falling. For mezzanines and high beds, adequate guardrails for mezzanines or railings for foldaway beds are essential to prevent accidents.

Horizontal rail for a foldaway bed

In addition to safety, the layout must also stimulate creativity and learning. It’s advisable to create distinct zones in the bedroom for sleeping, playing and studying, even in a small space. Using bright colors, attractive patterns and age-appropriate accessories can make the room both functional and inspiring.

Finally, involving children in the process of selecting and designing their space can help them develop a sense of belonging and responsibility. Allowing them to choose certain elements, such as the color of the walls or the style of their bedding, encourages personal expression and reinforces the importance of keeping their space clean and organized.


In conclusion, designing a child’s bedroom with space-saving furniture such as mezzanines and foldaway beds offers much more than just space savings. It’s a thoughtful approach that takes into account a child’s safety, development and fulfillment at every stage of his or her growth. By wisely choosing furniture that adapts to the different stages of childhood, parents can create a stimulating, safe and organized environment for their children. This article has highlighted the importance of functionality, safety and children’s involvement in the design of their personal space. involving children in the design of their personal space. It is essential that parents consider these aspects to offer their children a harmonious living environment, conducive to their well-being and development.