As the leader in that space-saving interior design, we develop and manufacture, in France, furniture conceived to optimise interior layouts.

Multiplying surface by volume

By introducing the concept of the mezzanine bed into France, we have offered a new way of appropriating indoor space. The evolutive structure of a mezzanine, which can be taken down and reassembled up to 20 times, has made it possible to use the entire volume of a room to increase its usable floor space. Accordingly, the square meterage gained at high level enables the design of multipurpose layouts with hybrid functionality. Following on from this micro-architecture, we have developed complementary or freestanding furniture, as well as innovative ranges of slide-away beds. This provides an ideal way of transforming one bedroom into three rooms and meeting the needs of homes that adapt to the time-of-day.

Foreseeing lifestyle developments

Since our foundation, we have been innovating to offer design solutions that address the problems people face.

In the midst of the housing crisis, we have developed a range that enables a low-cost way of overcoming a lack of floor space.

Also, given changing household composition, we have designed furniture that enables a flexible home, with more open options for its use.

Whether the household is a stepfamily or a single-parent family, whether it is a pied-à-terre, student accommodation or a house where grandparents regularly put up one or more grandchildren, our solutions enable the indoor space to adapt over the course of the day to meet their needs.

Providing access to customised furniture

Our means of production are flexible and combine craftsmanship, expertise and manufacturing precision. Thanks to this, we can adapt the dimensions of our furniture and offer our clients customised solutions.

In addition, our furniture is designed to evolve. It comes with a large range of accessories with which to achieve a finished product with completely customised functionality.

Finally, our range of materials and colour finishes enables each installation to coordinate with the existing interior decor.