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I am looking for a mezzanine, how do I choose?

Our advisors can help you choose the mezzanine bed best suited to your needs. To help you choose the right mezzanine bed, our advisors need to know as much as possible about the installation conditions and the context of your project: how high are the ceilings? Room size? What level of comfort? Is it for you, your children or your tenants? etc.Visit your nearest store: Find your nearest store

Which mezzanine bed for a teenager?

Furnishing a teenager’s bedroom isn’t always easy. Mezzanines are ideal for small bedrooms. Espace Loggia offers three mezzanine bed models to suit your teenager’s needs. The Jeune Urbaine is an ideal mezzanine for small bedrooms, allowing you to add storage or work space under the bed. The Modulable is scalable, allowing you to modify certain features of the bed, such as its height, width and entry side. It can also be used to create a living or storage space under the bed. The Attique allows you to divide the space under the bed into two parts: an attic that adds a dressing room to the room, and a second part that makes room for an office or lounge area with the addition of a bench or trundle bed.

Which bed for which age?

Designing your child’s bedroom can sometimes be a headache. At what age should the bed be changed for a double? How do you optimize bedroom space? Espace Loggia offers you a modular mezzanine. Evolutive, you can start with a single bed and a low height for your child. Then, when they become teenagers, you can transform the bed into a double and increase its height to add a desk, storage or a bench underneath. This mezzanine provides a comfortable bed that’s adapted to your child’s needs, while optimizing bedroom space.

I am looking for a slide-aways bed, how do I choose?

Retractable beds offer many advantages for small homes, and Espace Loggia offers four different models: The DKlé and the Eclectic rise to the ceiling during the day to free up floor space. The first operates with a manual mechanism, while the second is electric. These two models allow you to create a living or working area under your bed. Several options can be added: – LEDs under the bed – Fold-down desk in the frame – Brick bench or trundle bed – Cena table – Desk – Shelf between structure pillars The triptych is ideal for a child’s or teenager’s bedroom, consisting of two small benches, a fold-down table, a desk and a single bed. This model lets you create three distinct spaces in one room, thanks to a mechanism that allows the bed to rise to the ceiling, revealing a large desk that also rises to the ceiling, leaving room for a resting area with table and benches. Finally, the Reverso comes in the form of a wardrobe bed that folds down against the wall during the day. The bench seat that completes this model allows you to enjoy a comfortable sitting area as soon as the bed is folded away.

How do I choose between a storage and a closet ?

A cupboard to store your belongings? Shelves to create a bookcase? Having plenty of storage space is essential if you want to feel comfortable in your home. Espace Loggia offers you different types of storage units to optimize your space so you don’t run out of room for your things. Discover our wardrobes to add shelves, closets and drawers to your home. Choose the composition of your cupboards and the height of your wardrobes from our range of storage furniture. Or take a look at our pocket shelves, which can be used to create a large library even in a small home. Would you like to complete your mezzanine or foldaway bed? Discover our between-pillar shelving units that will optimize the space in your rooms.

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How do I order an Espace Loggia product?

Our advisers are there to help you and suggest the best solution for your interior layout. We advise that you bring a room layout plan with you. Visit your nearest shop.

How do I place my order online?

To place an order online, simply create an account on our site or log in if you already have one. Then you can select the product you want to buy and configure it to your needs. Once you’re happy with your piece of furniture, you can add it to your shopping cart, and then choose whether or not to add assembly. Finally, simply enter your delivery details and payment method. Your furnishings will be delivered to your home within the specified time. If you need help using the configurator, don’t hesitate to take a look at our tutorials.

How can I find my nearest shop?

Espace Loggia has some 15 shops in France and abroad. All our shops can be located on an interactive map on our website. You can consult that map at any time to find the shop most convenient to you. After selecting your shop, you will find its contact information and opening hours on its web page. Visit our nearest Shop

Do you deliver everywhere in France?

We deliver absolutely everywhere. Our installation teams travel throughout France to advise you and install our products to our exacting standards. Visit our nearest shop

Do you deliver abroad?

We deliver absolutely everywhere. With regard to installation, we need to assess the options with our installation team on a case by case basis. Contact our Sales Department directly, our advisers will be pleased to help you. Visit our nearest shop

Do you install?

Our installation teams travel throughout France to advise you and install our products to our exacting standards. Visit our nearest shop

What payment methods are accepted?

In-store : When paying in-store, you can choose between payment by cheque, bank transfer, credit card, payment link and cash (for amounts of €1000 or less). We also offer payment in instalments, in 3 or 4 free instalments via Alma or in 10 instalments via Sofinco. Online : When paying online, you can choose between payment by bank transfer or credit card. If you choose the first option, your order will go into production on receipt of funds. We also offer payment in 3 or 4 instalments free of charge via the Alma system.

Tracking your space-saving furniture order

Where can I find my order number?

Your order number was supplied on the Job Order document. If you have already paid for your order, you will also find it on the top right hand side of your invoice.
Sample Job Order.

How long do your products take to manufacture?

The manufacturing time for our products is eight weeks, on average, depending on the complexity of the product and options you choose. Find out more about the manufacture of Espace Loggia products

How can I check the status of my order?

Orders are monitored by the shop where you placed your order. The advisers in our shops can let you know the status of your order whenever you wish. Contact your adviser directly

Tracking the delivery of your space-saving furniture

Where can I get tracking information about my delivery?

Delivery tracking is directly provided by the shop where you placed your order. For information about the delivery of your order, contact the shop directly. Our advisers will be pleased to help you. List of our Stores

After-sales service

I have a problem with the product on order/delivered; who should I contact?

The after sales services is managed by the shop where you placed your order. If you notice a problem during delivery or installation of your order, contact the shop where you placed your order, without delay. Contact the shops directly

Service for professionals

Do you provide a specific service for professionals?

We offer professionals (architects, design offices etc.) customised support to completely meet their client’s needs. Please contact our specialist professionals team. Contacting our specialist professionals team