Sustainable development

Espace Loggia produces and designs with an ethical, professional and economic approach. Our furniture is designed and manufactured in France.

Origin of our wood

We source our raw materials from areas close to our production in the west of France. We favor short circuits.

Pine comes from the Landes region and oak from the Nantes area. Our wood comes from French eco-managed forests and is PEFC certified.

This label guarantees that our furniture comes from responsible sources and that by purchasing it you are contributing to sustainable forest management. Environmental, social and economic measures are put in place to preserve and renew forests and maintain biodiversity while producing wood.

Our bamboo finishes are FSC-certified.

Regional economy

We are committed to developing a local economic network.

Originally based in the Centre-Val de Loire region, the Espace Loggia factory has been in Les Herbiers, a model town for the economic development of the Vendée, for over 15 years. Here, we promote local employment and apprenticeships for young people, encouraging the transmission of know-how. Our factory is also feminine, with 33% of employees being women.

We forge regional partnerships. In Western France, networks of SMEs have been created. Not unlike those in Northern Italy, they boost the regional economy. Like us, our partners are committed to a responsible and supportive approach.


From design to end-of-life, Espace Loggia minimizes the environmental impact of its furniture on a daily basis.

We improve the various stages in the life of our products by reclaiming and recycling to reduce waste and minimize ecological impact.

Promoting proximity to improve overall impact

Our local expertise and close relationships with our suppliers and partners complement our overall ecological approach.

Durability and reparability: the keys to making your furniture last

Our furniture is evolutionary and designed to last. They follow you over time and evolve according to your needs. After many years, you’ll still find spare parts to extend the life of your furniture.

End of life for your furniture?

Let’s work together to give your furniture a second life. With Espace Loggia, if you live in the Paris region and your product dates from after 2009, you can give your furniture a new lease of life by repairing or recycling it.

Find out more about your situation: a second life for your furniture.

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  • We pick up your furniture at your home.
  • Each piece of furniture is sorted in our factory.
  • Reusable parts are refurbished for a second life.
  • Offcuts are re-injected into production or agricultural projects.
  • Items for disposal – usually a very small proportion – are sent to a waste disposal center, where they are sorted again.