Second life

With Espace Loggia,
give your furniture a second life.

If you are or have been the owner of an Espace Loggia piece of furniture, contribute to the restoration of your furniture thanks to our program.

The parts of my furniture are worn

Do you have a piece of furniture whose parts are worn? Do you still want to use it?

Espace Loggia estimates which parts and labor are needed to restore your furniture to like-new condition, and offers you a solution to restore your furniture to like-new condition.

Have my furniture repaired

Replace my Espace Loggia unit with a new one

Replacing your Espace Loggia cabinet with a new one? Have you decided what your next space-saving piece of Espace Loggia furniture should be?

Entrust us with your old Espace Loggia furniture so that it can be properly recycled or upgraded.

Espace Loggia thanks you for your trust and gives you a discount on your new order.

Replace my furniture

Recycling my Espace Loggia furniture

Do you live in the Paris region? Do you have an Espace Loggia layout less than 7 years old that you no longer use? Are you moving house? Have your children grown up? You no longer need your space-saving furniture?

Espace Loggia recovers your furniture for reuse or recycling, for a positive impact on the planet.

Recovering my furniture

How does it work?


“I talk to an advisor to find the best solution for me and the planet”.

Transaction confirmation

“I receive a proposal from Espace Loggia and I validate it”.


“Espace Loggia comes to my home, delivers and takes back the old furniture”.

Recovery / Recycling

“My furniture has a new life”