Back in the 90s, we relied on local production using French raw materials. Today, our ecological and social impact is at the heart of our concerns and values.

This year, we’ve decided to share with you our commitments for 2023.

2023 a year of commitment

Our year was punctuated by a number of objectives that enabled us to reinforce our ecological and societal commitments.


We recruit on the basis of individual skills, and anyone who wants to can join our company. With us, origin, gender, religion… are not criteria.

Despite being located in an industrial region where women are often under-represented, we have been able to feminize our plant team.


In 2021, we set up the second life program, and in 2 years, we have recovered many products from our customers. This has enabled us to launch GreenDeals, offering you customizable products from 30% to 40% off.

When products are too old or worn, we recover the parts in good condition so that we can reuse the raw material in the design of new furniture.

This second-life program has enabled us to recycle 15% of our raw materials, thereby reducing our environmental impact and manufacturing costs.

Our suppliers and raw materials

For 100% local production, we have chosen suppliers located within a 200 km radius of our factory. This choice enables us to meet two of our objectives:

  • Limiting the distance between our suppliers and us in order to reduce the impact of transport on the environment, as well as reducing procurement time and therefore our manufacturing lead times;
  • Select our partners to benefit from quality materials produced in France. Today, 80% of our raw materials are French.

Our goals for 2024

As part of our drive to improve our ecological and social impact, we will be setting new targets for 2024. We’ll let you know our results at the end of next year.

We need your help! We invite you to vote for the performance indicators you want to know about.