Bunk bed

Bunk bed Diptych

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The space-saving piece of furniture that combines a bunk bed and a slide-away bed.

Under a classic raised bed accessible with a  traditional stair or a brick stair, a slide-away bed stored up in height.         

Once lifted, he leave the space to a lounge area, while the raised bed stay accessible thanks to a retactable ladder.

This bunk and slide-away bed is ideal to profit of a double sleeping area and a lounge area when the space is limited.

This innovative space-saving piece of furniture signed Espace Loggia is designed to last et to adjust like you desire.


Superior bed : 90 x 200 cm (possible tailor-made bed)

Lower bed : 90 x 190 cm

Dimensions overall :

  • Length 224 x width 119 x Height 246 cm

Access by ladder on the right or left.


Folding table for seating area


Solid pine and MDF


18 shades to choose or rough

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