Brick System

Brick drawer base bed

Design by Loggia Lab

Make the most of your bed and gain space by sleeping on a Brick© drawer base, with as much storage space as your wardrobe. You can transform it when and how you like into a chest of drawers or a sofa.


Multiples of 24 cm

The classics :

  • single bed:
    • 96 x 192 or 96 x 200 cm
    • 120 x 192 or 120 x 200 cm
  • double bed:
    • 144 x 192 or 144 x 200 cm
    • 168 x 192 or 168 x 200 cm

Drawer unit: asymmetric or with a wooden latch
Open Shelf unit
Hatch unit
Headboard block


Open shelf unit or block in MDF (medium)

Front drawer in MDF, pine, oak or bamboo


Pine: 20 shades

Oak: 3 shades

MDF: 20 shades

Bamboo: Natural

Personalise your Brick drawer base bed

Available in a wide choice of colours, materials and finishes,
all our models are manufactured to order and in the dimensions of your choice.

Design your Brick drawer base bed

asymmetric drawer block
Drawer unit with wooden latch
Headboard block
Open Shelf unit

Layouts examples