Hotels and residential accommodation

City hotels and residential accommodation, offer a new experience of travel accommodation. With Espace Loggia's solutions, clients have the freedom to transform their bedrooms to use the space to the full. Our experience working with individual customers and our levels of finish guarantee you a high quality and customised service.

Our completed projects

Long-stay accommodation – Notting Hill

Blix Properties' residential accommodation in Notting Hill offers 100 bedrooms fitted with our ceiling beds. These small studio flats provide optimal comfort, thanks to the space saved by our beds being stored at ceiling level during the daytime.

Date 2008
Number of rooms 35
Architect Sebastian & Levany

Long-stay accommodation – Camden

In this Camden location, we have produced several studio flats with ceiling beds and mezzanine beds. These small units have been able to provide extra living space in a trendy part of London.

Date 2007
Number of rooms 40
Architect Sebastian & Levany

Long-stay accommodation – West Hampstead

We were chosen to fit out long-stay accommodation in West Hampstead. This freed up living space in the heart of London, providing visitors with the best possible conditions.

Date 2008
Number of rooms 45
Architect Sebastian & Levany


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