The factory

Designed for modern manufacturing, our factory in western France combines our craftsmen's savoir-faire with efficient organisation and high-performance tools.

Front of our factory in Vendée


Since 2002, we have owned our own manufacturing unit, which gives us excellent quality control of our products and reduces our delivery timescales. We took over this specialist woodworking factory, in the Vendée town of Les Herbiers, from Pinault Bois (PPR Group). We turned it into a modern manufacturing facility, where design and machines combine to meet the demands of fine craftsmanship.

carpenter on his machine

A completely refurbished factory

In 2014, we undertook major renovation works to rationalise our production line and to accommodate our continuously increasing sales volume.

In collaboration with the Nantes École des Mines, we have reviewed our procedures to achieve a 20% productivity gain and have two eight-hour shifts to provide large-volume manufacture for community organisations as well as customised production for individual clients.