We manufacture our furniture to order in western France, using wood from sustainably-managed French forests.

Custom-made in our factory

We believe that quality manufacture has to combine craftsmanship with machine precision. We manufacture all our furniture to order, because we consider each piece to be unique, with dimensions and finishes customised to fulfil the wishes of our customers. Our marketing teams advise our customers to help them select the model best suited to their needs and the constraints of their home. They have a wide range of colours, finishes and options to choose from, ensuring they can make the right choice. We retain this flexibility of manufacture, governed by quality and customisation, by calling upon all the savoir-faire of traditional carpentry and combining it with an integrated design approach.

Obsolescence programmed out

Our products are conceived and designed to last. Most of our models are evolutive and can be altered and complemented according to their users' needs. Moreover, our mezzanines can be taken down and reassembled 20 times without damage. We aim to guarantee that our customers' purchase represents a long-term investment backed up by a continuing efficient service. If an element of your installation is lost or damaged while moving home, we undertake to replace it, even years after your purchase.

The factory

The factory

Designed for modern manufacturing, our factory in western France combines our craftsmen's savoir-faire with efficient organisation and high-performance tools.