We’ve talked about space-saving furniture and our ranges in general in previous posts. In today’s post, we’re focusing on mezzanine beds.

As you probably know, Espace Loggia is a specialist in this field. We’ve created a number of innovations, such as eliminating the need for crossbeams between mezzanine pillars. So we’re taking it to heart to defend this product, which provides invaluable services to our customers. Above all, this post will help to dispel many of the clichés about mezzanine beds.

The mezzanine bed, the ultimate modular piece of furniture

Even more than the fold-away bed, the mezzanine bed lets you place very different types of furniture underneath the bed. With a desk and bookcase, the bedroom is organized around work, the ideal combination for a student in a studio apartment or for a teenager in the revision phase. An armchair or sofa is ideal for a young adult who wants a place to entertain in a small apartment. The space saved is considerable, and the owner or tenant can exploit the potential of any apartment even further.

Also a room divider

In this respect, it’s all about saving space in terms of volume. Sometimes it’s better to use the ceiling height to separate sleeping areas from reception or work areas, rather than building partitions that divide up the surface area without necessarily optimizing it as you’d like.

Change your point of view

The mezzanine bed offers just that. Suspended sleeping is a sensation that many of our customers enjoy. It’s like being safe from the predators of your peace and quiet, while giving you

To constantly evolve

The mezzanine is a product at the heart of Espace Loggia’s philosophy. Thanks to the modularity of our range, you can open up long-term perspectives, by integrating a possible evolution of your interior design that corresponds exactly to the evolution of your home. Is your child moving away? Turn his or her bedroom into a guest room by removing the desk and replacing it with a sofa. Need a desk in your apartment? Incorporate a desk under the mezzanine in your guest bedroom. With mezzanine beds, you’ll never be short of ideas.