Since the 1980s, Espace Loggia has been keeping pace with changes in the way we live, providing functional, scalable layout solutions. But the need to save space is no longer limited to small homes. While pressure on the real estate market remains strong, family upheavals and residential choices are reinforcing the need for housing.

The evolution of the house

Housing is evolving accordingly, with a focus on the well-being of children and the proper support of teenagers and young adults. It also reflects a strengthening of intergenerational solidarity and a quest for comfort, expressed in the development of double or alternating residences.

After initiating the surface/volume revolution, the company is now turning its attention to the emergence of dynamic households, proposing solutions that enable homes to adapt day by day to the composition and recomposition of today’s families.

With this in mind, Espace Loggia innovates with sustainable, scalable solutions for an increasingly diverse population. Just like Espace Loggia, they allow you to design your home in a dynamic and optimized way.

Dynamic households

59% of French people would like to find new ways of furnishing their homes, without having to move.
Espace Loggia’s two key products – the mezzanine bed and the mobile living area – enable you to gain the few square meters of space you may be missing in your home, at a fraction of the cost. At the heart of the company’s concept is a new perception of space, seen in terms of volume rather than surface area.

71% of French people think that the ideal room for their child would be modular: one space for sleeping, one for playing and another for working.

38% of French people live with at least one person on a regular, but not permanent, basis.

Today’s households are dynamic, and they need layout solutions that are just as dynamic. That’s the challenge that Espace Loggia has taken up, by offering products adapted to the diversity of lifestyles and the collective aspiration for modular housing, in which people can live together without being on top of each other.