Thanks to our integrated teams, we control all stages in the life of our products, from design to after sales service.

Design Department

Whether in collaboration with external designers or independently, our design department ensures our products' development. It ensures our production efficiency and allows us to offer specific solutions for rooms with unusual layouts.


Our workshops are operated by qualified craftsmen using high-performance tools. They are experts in Espace Loggia solutions and work in constant collaboration with our design department to improve manufacturing processes by combining rationality, design and manual skills.

Finishes team

To ensure a perfect finish to our furniture, we have set up a team responsible for assembly, lacquers and varnishes, as well as strict quality control.

Interior designer teams

Our shops are not staffed by ordinary sales people, but by advisers who can enhance and optimise the space they are asked to design for, with a product completely suited to its constraints.

Installation teams

We employ seven teams of approved service providers who have complete mastery of the installation of our products. Our clients pay a reasonable price and then have nothing more to do!