Mezzanine Beds

Modulable mezzanine bed

Design by Loggia Lab

Naturally durable, this classic and timeless loft bed is designed to grow with you. The height and width can be adjusted over time. Adapt it to suit your needs.


Bed size:

  • Width : 90, 120, 140, 160 or 200 cm
  • Length : 190 or 200 cm

Total height: 160 or 200 cm
Deck height: 112 or 152 cm
Height under Mezzanine: 98 or 138 cm


End or side opening

, narrow or wide

Height adjustment: +10 cm to +70 cm
Electrical sockets
Safety kit in pine, bamboo or oak


Solid pine or oak

Deck in MDF
Safety kit in pine, bamboo or oak


Pine : 20 shades
Oak : 3 shades
MDF : 20 shades
Bamboo : Natural

Personalise your Modulable mezzanine bed

Available in a wide choice of colours, materials and finishes,
all our models are manufactured to order and in the dimensions of your choice.

Design your Modulable mezzanine bed

clever sofa transformable into bed
Bench Pull-out Bed
shelf hanged to your mezzanine, used as bookcase for night and day
Bookcase shelf
Tablet, shelf used to take your breakfast in your mezzanine bed
Breakfast Shelf
Brick Bench seating
Brick stairs
Brick under-bed drawers
corner shelf for mezzanine bed, used as night table
Corner Shelf
Desk in length
Desk in width
Light, strong and removable, this entirely customizable model is designed to last.
Lightweight Ladder
Pull-out Bed
Retractable ladder
Shelving between columns
Traditionnal Stairs

Layouts examples