Concept & Savoir-faire

Multiplying surface by volume

As the leader in space-saving interior design, we develop and manufacture, in France, furniture created to optimise interior layouts. This provides an ideal way of transforming one bedroom into three rooms and meeting needs for space and profitability.

Foreseeing lifestyle developments

Since our foundation, we have been innovating to offer design solutions that address people's problems. In the midst of the housing crisis, our brand offers a low-cost way of overcoming a lack of floor space. Whether for a student flat or hotel bedrooms, Espace Loggia's solutions enable indoor space to adapt over the course of the day to meet particular needs.

Key Dates

Since the end of the 1970s, Espace Loggia design has been offering durable solutions for interior layouts and space-saving arrangements.

1979 Foundation of Espace Loggia by a group of designers who introduced the Espace Loggia concept: using the volume of a room rather than just the floor area.
1992 Philippe Malignac took over Espace Loggia.
1995 Espace Loggia's creation of the ceiling bed.
2002 Espace Loggia took over the Chabot factories, in the town of Les Herbiers in western France, from Pinault Bois (PPR Group), to set up its manufacturing business there.
2006 Espace Loggia started out in the community organisations' market by taking part in the rehabilitation of a university hall of residence at Montrouge (Ile-de-France).
2007 Espace Loggia entered the hotel market through its involvement in the rehabilitation of BLIX Properties hotels in London.
2008 Paul Malignac took over the reins of the company.
2010 Through its role in the renovation of the La Bourgeonnière university halls of residence, for the Nantes regional student accommodation authority (CROUS),
Espace Loggia demonstrated the relevance of its products and services for the student accommodation market.

Key figures

– 50 employees
– Turnover: €7 million in 2014;
– 3,500 fit-outs per year;
– 1 design and production facility in western France;
– 10 shops (6 company-owned and 4 in-store shops).

Our services

In-house Design Department :
Thanks to our in-house Design Department, which collaborates with the Manufacturing and Sales teams, Espace Loggia adapts its products to meet its clients' needs and constraints.

French Manufacturing Factory :
Our factory is located in Herbiers in western France and was completely renovated in 2014. The new setup, combining craftsmanship, savoir-faire and manufacturing precision, allows the factory to provide both high-volume manufacturing for community organisations and manufacturing to order for individual clients, while reducing its environmental footprint.

An attentive sales team who will monitor the progress of your project.

Designers & Architects

Espace Loggia regularly collaborates with designers and architects to expand the creative horizon of our brand and to think up products that are increasingly innovative and suited to your needs.


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