Working at home

An ever-increasing number of people work at home.
When accommodation space is limited and one works at home, a solution is needed to create a workspace.

Mezzanine Young Urban with desk and Brick staircase

Bedroom and office

Espace Loggia offers interior design solutions for those who cannot set aside a room for their work. Our modular and adaptable furniture fits itself to the accommodation layout and enables an office to be easily integrated with a bedroom or living room.

Organising a pied-à-terre

The Triptych bed is equally suited to a student who needs to study in the limited space of a bedroom or to a roaming worker who retains a pied-à-terre in town, or to somebody starting out their business in a small flat. It triples the usable floor space by stacking the functions of bedroom, office and living room. According to the activity appropriate to the time-of-day, the bed deck glides up to reveal the desktop that can, in turn, be raised to reveal two facing armchairs: an ideal solution for organising a sanctuary for study.

Double-purpose space

The Eclectic bed allows a room to double up what it is used for. In the daytime, the bed, mounted on a slide-away deck, glides up to the ceiling. The space between the columns is equipped with a bookcase and a foldaway writing desk, which opens up to provide a comfortable workspace. At night, once the desktop is folded away, the bed glides down to transform the living room into a cosy bedroom. This model has the advantage of completely freeing a room's circulation space, even if it does not have a very high ceiling.

Staggered hours

The mezzanine is the solution of choice for couples who need to install their office in their bedroom. It allows one of them to continue working, without disturbing their partner's sleep. The Attic model, with its cantilevered bed, is recommended for restricted spaces. It has set-back columns, which aid circulation and provide room between them for a comfortable workspace. For more generous spaces, the Modulable model has the advantage of being completely evolutive. It adapts to good ceiling heights to provide a large desk under the shelter of the mezzanine bed.

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