Small Spaces

Push back the walls and gain more height.

When one's home has the bare minimum of space, one has to rely on clever furniture to gain those few square metres that are lacking for everyday life.

Enhanced functionalities

Born from the experience gained by Espace Loggia in renovation works to hundreds of units of student accommodation, the Triptych bed takes up a mere 4 m² of floor space to provide, according to the time of day, a proper bed, a large desk, or two armchairs to chat in. In its unique way, it applies the lessons of "less is more" to space management.


Free Space, in "sleeping" position

Making one's bed disappear

Slide-away beds allow one of the home's bulkiest pieces of furniture to disappear when it is not in use. This is a clever choice to easily gain more space. Espace Loggia offers models, such as the Free Space and the Eclectic, that vanish up to the ceiling as well as the Bench Pull-out Bed, a sofa that combines various sleeping options to adapt to any situation.

Young Urban mezzanine, Brick staircase, desk and wardrobe

Multiplying surface by volume

Mezzanines optimise the entire volume of a room, to create an extra living-space at mezzanine level. According to personal tastes, the Young Urban and Modulable ranges can be supplemented with Brick© modules, which allow the creation of various types of layout, e.g. a desk or bench seating that is also a spare bed.

Attic mezzanine with loft, retractable ladder and pull-out bed

Seaside and Mountains

It is useful to furnish a holiday bedsit, which often might be lent or rented out, so that it can accommodate a flexible number of people.

Using the Attic mezzanine in combination with a Bench Pull-out Bed, gives you four adaptable sleeping places, which can be supplemented with a loft, providing space for plenty of storage.