A house for all times

Dynamic household seeks home that adapts to the time-of-day

Our homes haven't been under the sway of the pendulum of a grandfather clock for a very long time. As our households have become dynamic, our interiors have dynamically adapted to fit our needs and busy schedules.

Alternating interiors

With challenges to the model of the traditional family, new ways of living emerge. They address the problems encountered by one-parent or alternating-custody households, as well as those of grandparents, who are increasingly involved in bringing up their grandchildren.

Brick bench

Multipurpose requirements

For all these people needing to permanently or occasionally have an extra room, multipurpose use is essential. It enables the planning of homes that adapt over the course of the day.

Alternating & modular

For an independent mother, sharing her one-bedroom home with her children, the choice of a slide-away bed like the Free Space is an excellent option, giving the benefit of an uncluttered living room during the day. It is also ideal for bedrooms occupied one week per fortnight, which can thus serve as an office or laundry room when they are not arranged for sleeping.

2 Free Space with desk and Brick bench


For grandparents who regularly put up one or more grandchildren, there are various products to enable the creation of a multifunctional room.

The top one of these is the Bench Pull-out Bed. This adapts to be a sofa, a double bed, or two single beds, thus transforming a living room into a bedroom and always meeting immediate needs.

Modulable mezzanine with staircase and bench made of Brick

Enhanced functionality

Similarly, the mezzanine is a good alternative for people working at home, who do not have a room to set aside just for their work. It also meets the needs of people with small homes that lack adequate reception and storage areas. Indeed, this adaptable solution enhances a room's functionality and multiplies the possible ways it can be used, to provide the comfort needed for each aspect of one's life.

With Espace Loggia, on-the-go households can always be sure of finding a solution suited to their needs.

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