Our mobile bed, a bed for the future

Espace Loggia mobile bed is a true technological innovation which improves your room according to your needs and your interior design.

The future of innovation in furniture

With our innovative and designed furniture products in your appartment, you will get to know another view on furnishing :

  • think volume, rather than surface,
  • think design, rather than utilitarism.

Have you ever thought that furnishing might be a way to spare some room in your appartment?
That's the innovative spirit of our loft beds!

Designed to last

With robust materials and a high-skilled manufacturing, Espace Loggia products last as long as you need them.

They will furnished your room and you children room for a very long time.

Designed for your interior, rather than re-designing your interior

Thanks to their modularity and their tailor-made design, Espace Loggia furniture and beds adapt to your room and your needs : working, sleeping, receiving.

Our loft beds are tailor-made and adapted to your ceiling height. Our material and colors choices adapt to your interior design.